December 2014

15 main excuses for not updating your passwords

Andy Harris

Sony, Target, JP Morgan, so many cyber attacks this year, and we’re still finding passwords that have never been changed, we’ve picked these at shows, forums and events.

See after the image for our top choice of 2014:

  1. They are so difficult to remember so I use one really good one.
  2. I don’t know if I’ll mess up my colleagues work if I change the password.
  3. I’m sure it’s used by a service account and I don’t know what will happen.
  4. Hardly anyone uses this system anyway.
  5. I’d need to tell the third party support company the new passwords.
  6. I have it auto-remembered and can’t even remember what it was.
  7. I don’t have access to the spreadsheet with all the passwords in.
  8. The boss is not in and they need to know the password is updated.
  9. I used the same password for all servers, I might forget one.
  10. I haven’t got the tool installed to access the device.
  11. Its used in a script somewhere that I can’t find or can’t change.
  12. I’ve used ‘$” and ‘#” with some uppercase letters so its already super secure.
  13. I can’t remember the name or IP address of the device to get to it.
  14. We remember all the trouble it caused last time we changed that password.
  15. We’ve passed our audit this year so there’s no need to.
  16. These systems are behind the firewall.
  17. I didn’t know we even had that system.

Yes we know there are 17! 😉 — such is the way of all the click bait one has seen this year.

If any of these touches a nerve, then of course Osirium can help, an evaluation is just a phone call away!

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