Privileged Accounts are the key to stealing data assets from your organisation. 99.9% of all data breaches involve the use of Privileged Accounts. Think of privileged account security software and your justification to the board will include a few things. Preventing data theft, reducing risk and ensuring compliance (including GDPR) are just some of these. Yet, implementing the right solution can also unlock some surprising business benefits.

We created Osirium PAM because we’re motivated to improve on existing solutions. Other Privileged Access Management solutions are clunky, expensive and slow-to-deploy. These solutions are a business priority, so they need to work for business as they do for security. The following topics are great benefits for the board!

Let’s start with the Interface:

Privileged Account solutions are not known for their user-friendly interfaces. The software has long-lived in the domain of highly-skilled, highly-paid, cyber-security specialists. Interfaces are complex, technical and in some cases need code input.

Osirium PAM's intuitive interface changes all that. Your SysAdmin and DevOps specialists can now isolate tasks and associate them with a particular Role. Then provide access to these tasks only to verified identities. These interfaces are more than a “nice-to-have”. They speed up task completion, reduce costly input errors and have a big impact on business performance.

Then you have the building blocks to automate tasks. Your IT teams and business analysts can then work together to streamline processes.

Practice de-escalation by embedding tasks in roles

Here’s another benefit for the board. Have a facility where your staff need to make changes to customer accounts and service entitlements? Automate the processes on the Platform! Then make the relevant tasks available to the right staff within the Platform’s interface.

Before, these changes may have required high privileges or escalation to another department. This, in turn, lengthens resolution time. Shifting your caller’s experience from the customer-facing call centre to a technical environment. It also increases costs. Moving an action to another department more than doubles the resources required. This is because the issue needs to be re-learned and extra systems and staff managed.

Put the right tasks in the hands of the customer-facing staff and your rates of first call resolution will increase. All the while still protecting your business from dangerous input errors. Also, you don’t have to worry about the GDPR problems associated with giving staff access to bulk customer data.

Take privileged account management to the heart of your business

With Osirium PAM, you can enable different parts of your organisation to work together. This is secure and can shape your business processes to be more competitive. Privileged Account Management as a business enabler – now that’s something to surprise the board!

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