The evolving cyber threat

Will the new year beckon in a greater resilience to the threat from cyber criminals or will the dangers only evolve and grow?

With increasingly sophisticated tools being used to launch attacks, it seems the need to combat the dangers will remain just as high, if not higher.

Already, we’ve seen the disappointing news early this year of a suspected cyber attack on Royal Mail, which comes shortly after the Guardian newspaper was targeted in a separate incident.

Although we’ve seen plenty of high-profile examples of attacks on larger organisations recently, we believe Ransomware attacks will shift to smaller targets– and the education sector in 2023 – while hacker teams offering ‘victims-as-a-Service’ will rise. Our CTO Andy Harris has recently written about this topic.  

Such is the scale and volume of cyber threats, the need for businesses to protect themselves from a data breach is rising. And as it does, so our mission to provide the key solutions to combat these perils grows stronger too.

Investing in and improving our privileged access solutions

With that in mind, we have big plans as we continue to invest in enhancing our solutions for our growing customer base, which rose to record levels last year.

Firstly, we are delighted that our endpoint management solution, Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) now natively supports workstations managed by Azure Active Directory (AD) and is available in the Azure Marketplace.

Many businesses are pivoting from on-premises Active Directory, to adopt Microsoft’s “modern desktop” strategies, and we expect this trend towards cloud to ramp up.

We’ll soon be revealing more about our new PAM v8.2 release, which will bring a new, simpler way of ensuring High Availability (HA) of the PAM service.

Privileged Process Automation (PPA) has also seen significant enhancements in the last year and we’re now seeing customers deploying secure automation alongside their PAM environment to provide control over the work done when using privileged credentials.

All of these enhancements are in lock step with Osirium’s mission, which has always been to make it easier to manage privileged access security and to provide exceptional, robust protection from cyber threats.

Taking protection to a new level

And it’s when our three key products combine that we can provide that multi-tiered protection, taking it to a new level. The story of one of our recent new customers - TalkTalk has proved this effectively. Our solutions have been working in harmony to protect the business, with the automation we provide standing out to TalkTalk as a clear differentiator.

Brent Alldred, Principal Security Architect at TalkTalk, explained: “The Osirium architecture was a lot simpler. Clearly, this was a single solution from the vendor, not a set of tools acquired over time that haven’t been fully integrated.”

But that’s just the start for 2023. Watch this space for more news and please get in touch if you like to learn more.

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