Standing still is as good as going backwards in the fast-moving cybersecurity world so it’s no surprise that Osirium frequently updates all its products to improve user experience, security and respond to user feedback. Many of those enhancements are directly driven by user feedback and v6.5 is no different.

PXM Platform is Osirium’s leading, high-performance, easy to deploy & manage solution for enterprise-scale privileged access management (PAM). Although this release is a relatively minor update to the current v6 product, it includes some very significant changes and lays the groundwork for some very exciting developments coming in the next major release.

A video overview of what’s new

In this new video, Michael Bruschke, UX Lead at Osirium, talks through a number of those enhancements. It’s fitting that it’s a UX expert is giving this overview: many of the changes in this release and the next are focusing on the user experience. After all, if cybersecurity tools impede or disrupt end-user or administrator workflows, not only does productivity get affected but, potentially, the tools may be bypassed completely. Clearly, a big issue when protecting privileged accounts is such a critical part of any cybersecurity policy.

Michael talks through many of the new capabilities including:

  • Improved usage of screen space, especially when using modern high-resolution screens
  • Various performance improvements, especially in account synchronisation
  • Improved resilience to external, managed Active Directory (AD) changes
  • Better logging of errors when using RADIUS servers (often part of multi-factor authentication systems)
  • Laying the groundwork for the next major release

PXM Platform 6.5 is available for download now. If you’d like to know more about the release, please get in touch.

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