With all of the formality and tension that can surround the topics of cybersecurity and fraud, it comes as a welcome opportunity to get the chance to take a step back from our own ecosystem and get a glimpse of what others do to address these topics.

With a new format covering the best part of the day and into the night, there was an eclectic mix of presentations  prompting us to really think about how we address the issue of insider threats and where we draw the line between matters of cybersecurity and good old-fashioned fraud.

As you may have already guessed, one of the recurring topics besides the inevitably discussed Panama tax haven leak was, of course, Privileged Access Management and how those that may not be of immediate value to hackers may become their golden tickets when used as a conduit to gain access to those hallowed privileged accounts – a few eyebrows were raised upon the realisation that the apparent insignificance of a least privileged account does not guarantee the safety of the more important accounts on a local network: after all the smallest of unplugged leaks will eventually sink even the largest of ships.

Osirium’s PxM Platform has this leak sealed, sanded and buffed before it even happens by ensuring that no passwords ever enter the user’s workstation – after all even the best attackers can’t gain access to what’s never been there… and the inclusion of Privileged Session Recording and Keylogging will stifle even the most determined of fraudulent insider’s attempts.

All-in the event was a hugely successful day and a relaxing evening culminating in acts from two great comedians, a few drinks and a welcoming social atmosphere.

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