For us, a strategic alliance means much more than a few press releases. For the engineering teams it means sharing ideas, code and pre-production demostrations along with modifications to our main products. In this ‘blog’ we’ll outline a little of what is going on at the ‘code-face’.

Here’s a quick video from David and Alex, our respective CEO’s:

Launch Video

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

RazorSecure have a method of baselining the performance of processes and configurations for embedded Linux and Windows systems. These are typically in a transport environment where groups of systems perform similar functions. This might seem straightforward, but the systems they deal with are network peripatetic. This means they spend long periods not connected to a wider network but still under attack from local networks – for example Train WiFi.

Their skill is in building a system that delivers useful data to their ML/AI scheme when it can, but operate a local security and alerting policy when a wider network is not available. Those alerts are then forwarded once the network becomes available again.

New paradigms in Task Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

There’s a parallel in Osirium. Our customers, particularly MSP/MSSP types, wish to issue multiple tasks to multiple devices when there is a high probability that many devices are either not available, or not in the correct state to accept a task. For RazorSecure this might be the need to update configuration for a Train based system which cannot be executed whilst the Train is in active service.

We’re building new task automation schemes that allow for very long running tasks, and tasks that can ask questions ‘mid-flight’. For example, a task might ask for a port to be configured that conflicts with an existing function, the task can ask “did you mean this, did you want to choose an alternate port, and here’s a list of free ports”. It also means tasks that can interact with different services, like Change-Tickets, now the task can be completed, and the ticket updated with the actual port used, and perhaps a new ticket raised using current information.

Combining Tasks, Baselining and Policy

Considering the EndPoint, RazorSecure can tell us what processes and applications are expected, how they are predicted to use resources and what trouble looks like. Particular attacks will cause particular processes to work harder or use more memory. The ML/AI profiling creates the view of what trouble looks like and therefore can drive an alerting policy and even remedial action to take. This is more deterministic in the world of transportation computing, the general IT market has orders of magnitude more diversity.

Over the years, Osirium has written templates for hundreds of devices, we’ve written or helped with thousands of tasks from MSSPs to Banks, Engineering, Insurance, Retail, Education, Public customers. By utilising our tasks and profile based policies we can extend in the the world of End Point Privilege Protection and event based task automation.

Wrapping up

If you’d like to know more about RazorSecure – here’s the link

We’ve already seen the positive reactions of the investment community and the press, at the code-face we need to get all this ketchup in the RazorSecure and Osirium bottles onto our customer’s and prospect’s plates — watch this space!

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