Since we released the PxM Express license for our PxM product we’ve decided to make a series of quick tutorials to get you up and running in the fastest time possible. The playlist is available to watch now, subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell icon to be notified when new videos are added.

As a quick recap, the PxM Express license covers all the functionality of our PxM product line but is limited to 10 devices. This means you get access to:

Privileged Access Management

This is the PAM part of the product that separates users from privileged account credentials

Privileged Task Management

This allows for predefined parameterised tasks to be run against devices, which examples such as domain password reset, service restarts and checking for hotfixes etc.

Privileged Session Recording

This allows for session recording of actions taken by say, third parties on your systems, or recording any system/device/application that is critical

Privileged Behaviour Management

This creates graphs, reports and alerts of who is doing what where and when on your systems. It has user engagement and task reporting so that you can clearly see efficiency savings

In the first episode David gives a quick introduction as to why we’ve chosen to do the free license, and then Tom takes us through a full installation on VMware (although the process is similar for HyperV, Azure and AWS).

You’ll see the importance of the master encryption key, how to load the license and where to get the latest template bundle with all the devices and tasks that we support.

The whole episode list looks something like this, check back for new episodes as they get published:

Introduction and Installation

  • Why we are doing the Express thing
  • What are the limits to free
  • How to get Express
  • How to install the VM
  • How to add the license
  • Where to get the Template Bundle
  • How to get Support

On-boarding Devices and Role Based Accounts

  • Adding a Device
  • Authentication Services
  • What is the control account
  • What accounts are discovered
  • Role Based Account States (Known, Managed, Fully Managed)
  • Making a role based account available to profiles

On-boarding users and mapping identities to Role Based Accounts

  • What is a user, what is an identity
  • On-boarding users
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Local users
  • Adding users to profiles
  • What is a tool
  • What is a task

The SysAdmin Experience

  • Using the desktop Client
  • Native tools
  • What the colours mean
  • What Session Recording looks like

Allowing controlled Third Party Access

  • Adding a profile just for Third Party Access
  • Time restrictions
  • Ticket restrictions
  • Enabling and Disabling Third Party User
  • Using the Web Gateway

Tasks, how to use the library – how to change factory shipped tasks

  • The Template Library
  • 2012 Domain Controller as an example
  • Password Resets
  • Common tasks such as device backups and tech outs
  • Starting on Custom Tasks

Understanding the Management Reports and Analytics

  • Management Reports
  • Inventory
  • User Engagement Report
  • Device Access Report
  • User Analytics
  • Email Alerts
  • Working with SIEMS

If you’ve not considered using PAM Express, hopefully that list will whet your appetite! You can start your Express journey here PAM Express

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