When was the last time you did a job at work and thought "I've done this a dozen times before." Perhaps you went on to think "and I wish I didn't have to do it again."

If you're in an IT admin role, that job might have been resetting someone's password, or generating a report of AWS usage, or spinning up a new virtual machine, or validating the members of an Active Directory group ready for next week's audit, or ...

If you're in HR, it might be raising all the tickets or negotiating with IT to get all the necessary accounts set up for a new starter. Or, it might be changing accounts when someone transfers between teams. Of course, it also means removing accounts when someone leaves the business.

The list is endless. Why aren't those jobs automated or delegated to someone else to do? Often, it's because they're tricky so need an expert. They almost always need to have someone login as an administrator. You don't want to take any risks with those valuable and powerful admin usernames and passwords being misused or leaked.

There is a better way: automation with Privileged Process Automation (PPA).

PPA is a highly flexible automation framework for automating those processes that you have to do too often but must be secure. For all those jobs where scripting is getting out of hand, or too risky because of embedded credentials, PPA is a cost-effective, secure automation solution.

Even better, PPA is now available free of charge as PPA Express. It's a simple virtual appliance download and you get access to pre-built automated playbooks and plug-ins in the PPA Resource Hub to get going fast. You can easily build your own plug-ins and playbooks with the built-in low-code Task Builder.

With a free, easy to use, secure automation framework, why wouldn't you want to start automating even occasionally repetitive jobs? Wouldn't you want to get on with something more interesting instead? You can get it here [Link to PPA Express download]

If you need more inspiration, take a look at this collection of ideas of how PPA can reduce repetition, cost and risk. Imagine if you could automate your work ... here are a few examples to spark your imagination.

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