IT Operations

Secure and Automate IT Operations to improve security and customer service

Secure and Automated IT Operations

IT Operations is the umbrella term for the processes and solutions managed by a business' Information Technology team. It includes everything IT-related including how an organisation manages their software, hardware, security management, network infrastructure and much more.

Different businesses will manage their IT operations in various ways. Still, the constant is that the IT Operations team's responsibility is to ensure that consistency, reliability and quality are maintained at all times to help effectively utilise the way IT integrates with the roles and processes within the company.

Why are IT Operations so important?

IT Operations are an essential aspect of every business, no matter the size, because they have the opportunity to dictate so much of the business's ability to operate optimally.

As well as the day-to-day management, IT Operations also are essential when it comes to security management, helping to mitigate risks and protect the business from disasters. This includes cyber attacks, data breaches and any other potential threat to the company.

A well-resourced and expert IT operations team can allow for the growth of the company as time can be better spent focusing on more important tasks instead used having to manage IT processes.

With the exponential rate at which technology is ever-evolving, it's imperative that businesses have IT operations keep on top of emerging trends and new technology to ensure they don't fall behind their competition and prevent the company from working as efficiently as possible. Doing so, instead, will help companies to reduce their operational costs and more easily adapt to customer needs positioning themselves as a sought-after choice amongst competitors.

Challenges Facing IT Operations

IT Operations teams face huge challenges every day to ensure their systems keep the business running - and do it safely. Not just because it's a good idea but also to comply with standards such as PCI DSS - the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard,  ISO27001 and many more.

It is also the IT Operations team's responsibility to ensure that a business' employees are all sufficiently trained to know how to use systems safely, to follow approved processes, and spot potential attacks.

The foundation to keeping systems secure is controlling who can access those systems with privileged (e.g., administrator) access as those accounts can be used to access or damage the most critical infrastructure, customer data, intellectual property and much more.

Some basic foundations can make a big difference. The most important first step is to bring administrator and other privileged accounts under control with Privileged Access Management (PAM). PAM should be the critical gatekeeper to protect the security management in place and give you peace of mind that your business IT operations are in safe hands.  

Not only does PAM work to provide users with different levels of access depending on their needs, but good PAM should also make it easier for admins to get their work done faster and remove repetitive tasks. That's where the modern client in Osirium PAM shines as it's focused on those jobs.

Removing local admin rights from user workstations with Osirium Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) not only reduces the opportunity for ransomware and other malware to be installed but can also reduce the number of calls made to the IT Help Desk.

Automating your IT Operations

Osirium's Automation (available standalone and with Osirium PAM) takes your IT Operations to another level with secure automation across multiple systems. Not only is access to IT systems protected, but the work being done on those systems can be safely delegated and accelerated

How does automating your IT Operations help?

Drastically reducing the need for manual input across the company, your IT Operations department can lower the volume of regular mundane tasks that need to be completed, giving them more time to spend on higher-value projects that can help the business grow. At the same time, users get improved service and are empowered to get their work done. The NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) are a good example of how automating IT Operations improves security and productivity in primary care settings.

Having these routine jobs taken away from the IT Operations team can reduce the risk of human error while also increasing productivity as less time is spent doing repetitive, monotonous tasks. Time saved can be better used and instead focused on increasing your IT infrastructure's efficiency and keeping up to date with modern trends.

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