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Secure and Automate IT Operations

Challenges Facing IT Operations

IT Operations teams face huge challenges every day to ensure their systems keep the business running - and do it safely. Not just because it's a good idea but also to comply with standards such as PCI DSS,  ISO27001 and many more.

The foundation to keeping systems secure is controlling who can access those systems with privileged (e.g., administrator) access as those accounts can be used to access or damage the most critical infrastructure, customer data, intellectual property and much more.

Some basic foundations can make a big difference. The most important first step is to bring administrator and other privileged accounts under control with Privileged Access Management (PAM). PAM should the critical gatekeeper to protect the protection systems.

Good PAM should also make it easier for admins to get their work done faster and remove repetitive tasks. That's where the modern client in Osirium PAM shines as it's focused on those jobs. Osirium's Automation (available standalone and with Osirium PAM) takes it to another level for secure automation across multiple systems.

Finally, removing local admin rights from user workstations with Osirium Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) not only reduces the opportunity for ransomware and other attacks but can also reduce the number of calls made to the IT Help Desk.

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