Privileged Access Management Buyer's Guide

Privileged Access Management Buyer's Guide

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the crucial foundation for any cybersecurity strategy. Modern PAM can also make IT teams more productive and can even enable safe delegation of tasks that traditionally needed expert IT administrators.

Any account that has more power, or permissions, than a regular user can be considered a ‘privileged account’. Often, they’re called ‘administrator’, ‘supervisor’ or ‘system’ accounts. Protecting these at a high level is a must as the release of these could be detrimental to a business.

Whether you need PAM for compliance, managing third-party or vendor access, or to better protect your critical IT and cybersecurity systems, picking the right PAM solution is critical.

This PAM Buyer's Guide will help identify your requirements to ensure your chosen solution is the best fit. It also helps explain the need for PAM to other key business stakeholders such as executives and finance teams.

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