Privileged Process Automation Express

Start saving time and effort by automating IT and business operations, Privileged Process Automation (PPA) is a game changer for speeding up IT, cybersecurity and business processes.

With PPA Express, you can start automating tasks using the PPA Task Library or build your own play books using the built-in YAML-based task builder.

When you're ready, you can upgrade to the full PPA and re-use any tasks you've built.

The link to download PPA Express will be sent to the email address provided in the form, so please make sure it's correct!

NOTE: By requesting PPA Express, you are accepting the Osirium PPA Express Terms and Conditions.

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Things you should know before installing PPA Express:

  • Before installing PPA Express, please take a look at the PPA installation documentation. PPA is supplied as a virtual appliance, so check which hypervisors are supported.
  • PPA Express includes a free single-user, 30-day admin license.
  • You can extend the license by visiting the PPA Express License Upgrade page. An extended license is needed to use the PPA API and to add a single user license to run playbooks.
  • If you need support, please visit  to register for a Support account. Note that customers with full PPA licenses take priority over PPA Express support requests..
  • Take a look at the PPA Resource Hub to get free pre-built plug-ins and playbooks.
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