How Privileged Access Security addresses the security and productivity challenges in education

Protect against devastating ransomware attacks

Schools and universities are prime targets for cyber attacks as IT infrastructure is complex and there's a large number of staff and students with more access than they need to IT systems. They also depend on many suppliers and partners that need access to their IT environment.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) prevents powerful admin credentials being compromised to steal personal data or damage IT systems. With PAM, ransomware attacks can't get access to the most valuable accounts and establishments can show their compliance with Cyber Essentials which has strict requirements for privileged access management.

Why Osirium PAM?

Osirium PAM is built to be easy to deploy and manage and make it easy to monitor and record vendor access. In most cases, protection starts from day one.

Automate common operations to improve security

In many education settings, staff and students move between roles and departments, often keeping access to systems they no longer need. When reviewing and auditing who can access which systems for Cyber Essentials or PCI DSS compliance audits, it's a time consuming, manual process.

Why Osirium Automation?

Osirium Automation is lightweight, easy to manager and secure by design that allows safe delegation of tasks such as account management to end-users or their departments. An end-to-end audit trail is kept in one place for easy review and audit.

Prevent attacks at the front door

Even the most experienced and well-trained staff can make mistakes and install infected applications. When local admin rights are removed from user's laptops and workstations, they can't install any software that might be dangerous. But they often still need to run tools like AutoCAD or Visual Studio with elevated privileges - that's why a solution is needed to grant elevated privileges when approved.

Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) prevents the most common way malware is installed. IT can grant permissions to end users to run approved applications with elevated permissions, while still preventing malware attacks.

Why Osirium PEM?

Osirium PEM is built to be easy to deploy and manage. With learning mode, policy management, and even self-approval options, security is increased without impacting productivity.

From a capability and cost point of view, Osirium came top of the contenders.

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