How Privileged Access Security addresses the security and productivity challenges in financial services

Prevent devastating ransomware

Ransomware seeks admin accounts to steal and destroy valuable company and client data. It also attacks backups systems that are critical to recovery after an attack. Privileged Access Management (PAM) protects those accounts and prevents the credentials being exposed to end-users or attackers.

Why Osirium PAM?

Osirium PAM is used by internal financial services firms to protect the IT systems their businesses depend on. Protection starts from day one - without the extended projects needed by traditional PAM solutions.

Automate common operations to improve security

Common IT requests such as account resets, or recertifying access to prove regulatory compliance, need to be automate to reduce the load on busy IT teams and prevent costly errors from manual operations.

Automating those tasks reduces the load on IT Help Desks and removes the delays that cause security vulnerabilities. In back-office or data centre environments, automation means more tasks get completed and there's less re-work due to manual errors.

Why Osirium Automation?

Traditional automation via scripting or robotic process automation (RPA) are not designed for IT operations. Osirium Automation is lightweight, easy to manager and secure by design.

Protect end-user systems

The laptops and workstations every member of staff relies on for their work is an entry point for an attacker. Cybersecurity training is important but not 100% effective. Staff should never be able to install software which may be infected or make configuration changes. But, there is a safe option with Osirium Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) which lets staff install approved, safe applications. They get better service and the business is better protected.

Why Osirium PEM?

Osirium PEM removes the risk of local admin accounts but still lets staff get their work done. Even better, the support load on the IT Help Desk can be reduced.

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