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Public sector organisations have never faced more cybersecurity threats. PAM is the starting point for protection.

Protect critical infrastructure

The public sector, especially national and local government, have never been threatened as much as today. Increasing activity by both nation-state and criminal organisations are looking to disrupt or compromise vital IT services.

The National Cyber Security Centre publish good guidance for how public sector organisations should protect themselves. In the USA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency does much the same. The US GSA, just like the NCSC, have highlighted the need for strong identity, credential, and privileged access management.

Why Osirium PAM?

Modern Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the critical cybersecurity foundation to protect powerful administrator credentials, enforce standards, and monitor vendor access

Prevent abuse of privileged access

Staff need privileged access to services and devices to do their work, but the only way to ensure that access is not abused by disgruntled staff or as a result of an attack, is to prevent those users doing anything they shouldn't. When tasks are automated, only the correct procedures can be used, and all activity is recorded in an end-to-end audit trail.

Why Osirium Automation?

Traditional automation and RPA aren't built for the types of operations needed in IT, nor are the created with security at their core. Osirium Automation ensure credentials are always protected, and that automation is easy to build, and always used.

Prevent malware installation

Users are often granted local admin rights so they can install and update software they need for their work. Unfortunately, that software may be infected with malware such as keyloggers or change configuration settings to make it easier for later attacks. All local admin rights should be removed from user workstations and laptops, but that must not cause a drop in productivity.

Why Osirium PEM?

Removing local admin rights can impact user productivity and increase the workload on the IT Help Desk. Osirium Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM), allows approved applications to be run with elevated permissions to let staff get their work done without adding to the Help Desk backlog.

Looking back, regardless of the price, it was still the right decision

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