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Challenges Facing The Healthcare Sector

Public sector organisations are under siege, with increasing attacks on  the NHS, universities, and other groups. To help, the NCSC has released clear guidance on how to protect critical systems, data and devices. The Digital Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit goes further and requires a broad range of measures for all agencies in the healthcare sector or do business with it.

As highlighted in the DSP Toolkit, Privileged Access Management (PAM) is fundamental. That’s where Osirium can help.

Osirium are the leading UK-based cybersecurity software company specialising in Privileged Access Security. Our growing number of customers in the NHS rely on our solutions to stop the attacks the NCSC has highlighted. It’s about securing your regular backups, preventing malware from being delivered and running on devices. It’s about being prepared.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

  • Protect access to sensitive systems and data
  • Manage third-party access
  • Be prepared for your next DSPT audit
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Privileged Process Automation (PPA)

  • Automate common processes that need privileged access.
  • Ensure processes for privileged access, such as creating or retiring user access are followed
  • Easy access to end-to-end audit trails for DSPT compliance evidence
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Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM)

  • Remove local admin accounts to reduce risk of powerful credentials being exposed
  • Allow staff to run only approved applications with elevated privileges
  • Monitor privileged activity
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