Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems are at the heart of many businesses. Privileged Access Management is a critical security capability to prevent attacks

All IoT and operational devices are potential targets for attackers

Modern industrial control systems (ICSs) and critical national infrastructure (CNI) often involve a large scale deployment of IoT devices and most of those systems offer SSH or web interfaces for their management. Granting admins direct access to those interfaces risks man-in-the-middle attacks or the credentials being stolen. Privileged Access Management (PAM) provides the secure connection to those management interfaces, isolates the admin credentials so they can't be stolen, and sessions can be monitored and recorded to prevent improper use.

Why Osirium PAM?

Osirium PAM is easy to deploy and has a rich set of integrations with the common network and operational devices in most organisations. A complete list is available on the "PAM Integrations" page.

Reduce the risk of manual errors

One of the biggest risks besides deliberate attack is misuse of admin credentials is through manual error. With highly complex management interfaces and every manufacturer using different terminology and interfaces, it's too easy to make a mistake that could bring entire systems to a halt or open the business to potential attack. If those management tasks can be automated, not only is that risk removed, but there's a comprehensive audit trail, and many systems can be updated far more quickly than would be possible otherwise.

Why Osirium Automation?

Osirium Automation uses a low-code environment built on familiar technology such as YAML to define workflows. It's built from the ground-up to protect the admin credentials needed to update systems and devices, and multiple devices could be updated in a single workflow. Unlike traditional automation with scripting or Ansible playbooks, multiple systems can be managed, choices can be made, and end-to-end audit trails are recorded.

Protect the endpoints connecting to devices

A common entry point for attackers are the workstations and laptops used by staff across the business. If malware, such as a keylogger, is installed, then the admin credentials to manage control systems or devices can be harvested and used in an attack. Ideally, users would not have local admin privileges on those workstations which would prevent malware installation, but that could impact productivity or cause more work for the IT Help Desk.

Why Osirium PEM?

Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) allows users to run approved applications (for example, a network traffic sniffer) with elevated privileges without elevating the permissions for the user. That reduces the risk and avoids increasing the calls to the Help Desk.

Out of the box, the Osirium platform lived up to our expectation

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