How Privileged Access Security addresses the needs of law firms

Protect critical IT systems

Like IT teams across many sectors, those looking after legal firms face enormous challenges every day to ensure their systems keep the business running - and do it safely. Not just because it's a good idea but also to comply with standards such as PCI DSS,  ISO27001 and many more. The foundation to keeping systems secure is controlling who can access those systems, and they have the least privilege needed for their work. That's especially true for suppliers and partners needing remote corporate systems access.

Why Osirium PAM?

Osirium Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the secure gateway to all IT systems, especially the cybersecurity and backup systems that keep the business running. PAM separates users from powerful admin credentials, can monitor and record admin sessions, and provide audit trails of activity.

Automate IT Operations where possible

Many IT tasks are fairly repetitive, but still need an expert admin. For example, creating accounts for a new starter or removing them when they leave. The job has to be done correctly so the user can get on with their work, but they shouldn't have more access than they need for their work. To avoid those errors, an expert makes the changes, but if the tasks could be automated, the work could be completed by a first line Help Desk Engineer, or even by the end-user.

Why Osirium Automation?

Osirium Automation is built to be flexible and secure. With a rich library of pre-built automate playbooks, it can be used to safely automate many IT tasks, and even let end-users take care of updates themselves.

Remove risky local admin rights

Many users may have local admin rights, or an account with those permissions. That makes it easy for them to install software and updates and reduces the load on the IT Help Desk. But it also makes it easy for an attacker to install malware. Removing local admin rights is safer, but would traditionally cause delays and more work for the IT Help Desk.

Why Osirium PEM?

Osirium Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) lets approved applications be run with elevated permissions without elevating the user's session. That reduces risk without impacting productivity. The IT Help Desk get to approve the applications and distribution of permissions by policies, reduces the management load for the IT admins.

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