December 2021

Q&A - cyber resilience over Christmas and Beyond

Osirium are excited to be taking part in our partner 360CTRL's webinar discussing how to keep your IT systems secure and running over the Christmas break on Monday, 20th December.

It is likely a breach over this holiday period may not show itself until Easter 2022. Think of the damage that could be done in that time!

While most people are looking forward to the holiday season, cyber criminals are planning and coding their next attack. What can you do to combat ever evolving cyber threats and make your organisation more Cyber Resilient?

This webinar will provide insight, help raise awareness of the threats and step through the processes you can adopt to fully optimise your existing investment in cyber solutions, obtain early indicators of compromise and become more Cyber Resilient.

No long sales pitches, no death-by-PowerPoint.

If you have a question or concern and want to ask the people that deal with these things every day for their views and advice, this round-table discussion is a must-see before you head off for the Christmas break.

And as a bonus, everyone who attends will receive an offer for a free of charge vulnerability scan.

The webinar will include  Neil Sinclair, National Cyber Lead at The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) who will talk through some of the common risks and issues they are seeing. Osirium Chief Technology Officer, Andy Harris, will be taking part in the round-table Q&A.

To register, just visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cyber-resilience-over-christmas-and-beyond-a-qa-round-table-tickets-220033043757.