January 2022

Protect against ransomware - PwC webinar

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Ransomware is the top cybersecurity worry for many IT organisations. There are new attacks every day (in fact, millions of new attacks), so what can be done to prevent an attack bringing your business to its knees?

In this live webinar, we’ll be reviewing the ways ransomware attacks get into an organisation, explore IT networks looking for valuable accounts, and infect the most critical systems such as backups and hypervisors so they can cause maximum damage. We’ll also see how those weaknesses can be addressed by implementing controls and security mechanisms and make your business ready to recover if attacked.

Good defence needs good preparation and that means executive level sponsorship to invest in the systems and training needed. So, we’ll also look at the organisational factors you need to consider to get the support and investment you’ll need.This webinar will be ideal for any IT, Security or Business Leaders with a responsibility for protecting corporate IT systems.

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