November 2021

Reducing IT Risk and Effort with Automation - ITHealth

What's the most common request to your IT help desk? There's a very good chance it's something to do with Active Directory (AD).

Those requests will include jobs that run hundreds of times every day, such as unlocking an account, resetting a user's password, granting access to a device or system, and many more. Crucially, AD management is also vital for cybersecurity to ensure only the right people have access to the right systems at the right time. Given user account management is so important, it's no surprise that it’s a critical part of NHSD DSP Toolkit requirements.

In this live webinar hosted by ITHealth, you'll learn:

  • The importance of Active Directory, and why it's often the #1 cause of help desk calls
  • An overview of how one NHS trust is adopting automation for Active Directory management
  • A live demonstration of how the most common Active Directory management tasks can be safely automated

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