Fast Protect for Healthcare

Healthcare IT systems protection for just £4,995

  • Enterprise-grade access management
  • Up to 10 devices protected for 3 years
  • 1 day implementation assistance

Osirium Fast Protect is a special package that manages vendor access and protects critical IT systems against ransomware attacks. For just £4,995 get your defences in place with this comprehensive solution.

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Fast Protect for Healthcare
You closely manage privileged user access to networks and information systems supporting the essential service

Requirement, DSP Toolkit (version 4) 2021-2022

Don't expose your critical IT to ransomware

Ransomware attacks love to hunt out critical systems across IT. Once a workstation is infected, the malware hunts around the network looking for valuable administrator accounts. Healthcare IT environments are complex and depend on external partners and vendors having access. It's no wonder that privileged accounts are a key part of the Digital Security and Protection (DSP) requirements.

Don't expose your IT to risk! Watch this video to see how Osirium shuts out ransomware attacks on your backup management system as an example of a critical system attackers target. Don't make it easy for attackers ... Get Osirium Fast Protect now!

How does Osirium protect against ransomware attacks?

Osirium protects access to vital IT systems such as servers, network devices and backups. If users and vendors don't have direct access to those systems, then neither does the malware.

See how Osirium protects your IT systems in this video. Protect your backup systems and other critical IT infrastructure with Osirium Fast Protect!

Because the backup system is frequently attacked as part of a broader ransomware attack, protection of all its components is critical to successful recovery