Privileged process automation

Automation for Compliance and Audit

Automate governance processes faster and at reduced cost.

Is ensuring process compliance and audit reporting slowing you down?

Osirium Privileged Process Automation (PPA) is a framework for automating key processes such as those for compliance and audits.

Whether it’s re-certification, SOX or other compliance processes, being tied to manual systems and Excel spreadsheets is slow, inefficient and of poor audit quality.

PPA’s simple interface allows users to guide a process that behind the scenes is performing complex, highly privileged actions across multiple systems. By hiding the complexity and specialist technical knowledge, multi-step processes can now be securely delegated and accelerated. Faster. Cheaper. More secure.

Breaking the dependence on spreadsheets and manual processes

Accelerate Compliance

  • Faster completion of SOX, PCI-DSS, CAF, re-certification and other compliance processes
  • An end to reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets

Ensure Productivity and Consistency

  • Perform repeatable IT processes to increase productivity and eliminate human error
  • Enforce process consistency by ensuring users follow a pre-defined playbook

Audit On-demand

  • Detailed reports and audit tables to demonstrate compliance
  • End-to-end, cross-system reporting

See PPA in Action

Verify AWS billing without needing admin access or skills
Automating a ServiceNow change request
Automate Active Directory changes with PPA

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An overview of Privileged Process Automation

Read this short whitepaper to see how PPA can transform your IT Operations.

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