Privileged process automation

Automation for Cybersecurity Professionals

In automation, security doesn’t need to be an afterthought

Automated processes yes, but without compromising security

Reviewing and updating firewall configurations. Ensuring admin rights are only granted where and when necessary. Remediating systems fast after a breach.

How much effort do these everyday cybersecurity tasks take you? How fast can you roll out security changes? How do you ensure changes are made securely?

Privileged Process Automation (PPA) is a framework for securely automating security, IT and business processes. It ensures changes are made reliably, without exposing any credentials and with full audit trails. Automated worflows can be triggered by users or integrated into your existing service management tool or corporate portal.

Secure automation: isolate users, devices, and credentials

Ensure Credential Security

  • Credentials are never passed across the network to users
  • Applications and services are wrapped to only perform approved operations

Build New Workflows

  • Built-in, low-code development environment
  • Includes plug-ins for common systems such as Active Directory and ServiceNow
  • Quickly build new plug-ins for existing systems

Automate Playbooks

  • Defined processes ensure consistency
  • Guided automation and built-in approvals ensure compliance

See PPA in Action

Automating security operations with PPA and Check Point Firewall
Automating a ServiceNow change request
Build new workflows with PPA Task Builder

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An overview of Privileged Process Automation

Read this short whitepaper to see how PPA can transform your IT Operations.

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