Privileged process automation

Automation for Operations and Infrastructure Management

Relieve the demand for specialist skills with IT process automation

Are you facing a backlog of tasks needing specialist IT resources?

Osirium’s Privileged Process Automation (PPA) solution enables multi-step IT processes to be performed by a single user via a simple web interface. All this can be done without the need for direct access, product-specific knowledge, or privileged credentials.

Processes can be triggered by users orintegrated into your existing service management or corporate portal via APIs.

Delegate processes to the Help Desk or selected users. Free up IT specialists to concentrate on complex tasks that really need their skills.

Complete processes without requiring IT specialists

Accelerate User Enablement ("shift-left")

  • Empower business users to complete processes that would otherwise need IT specialists
  • Guide users through the process, prompting for validated inputs and decisions

Ensure Productivity and Consistency

  • Perform repeatable IT processes to increase productivity and eliminate human error
  • Enforce process consistency by ensuring users follow a pre-defined playbook

Build New Workflows

  • Build-in low-code task builder
  • Supplied with plug-ins for Active Directory and ServiceNow
  • Extend other existing systems by easily building plug-ins

See PPA in Action

Automating a ServiceNow change request
Automate AD Account Re-certification
Build new workflows with PPA Task Builder

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An overview of Privileged Process Automation

Read this short whitepaper to see how PPA can transform your IT Operations.

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