Automation for Compliance and Audit

Automation makes compliance easy

Is ensuring process compliance and audit reporting slowing you down?

Osirium Automation, built on the Privileged Process Automation (PPA) platform, is a framework for automating key processes such as those for compliance and audits. Whether it’s re-certification, SOX or other compliance processes, being tied to manual systems and Excel spreadsheets is slow, inefficient and of poor audit quality.

PPA’s simple interface allows users to guide a process that behind the scenes is performing complex, highly privileged actions across multiple systems. By hiding the complexity and specialist technical knowledge, multi-step processes can now be securely delegated and accelerated.

Faster. Cheaper. More secure.

Breaking the dependence on spreadsheets and manual processes

Accelerate Compliance

All regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF), Cyber Essentials, NHS Digital Security and Protection (DSP), and more depend on regular review and audit of compliance. That audit usually involves manual processes, usually based around many spreadsheets and checklists. Audits are slow, expensive, and inaccurate.

Automation is the solution: by automating IT processes, organisations can show they are taking steps to enforce agreed processes. Users can only perform the approved operations and can't do anything they shouldn't.

Always-on auditing and reporting

Regular review and auditing of compliance is simplified by automation. As an example: a common task is re-certifying who has access to which systems. This re-certification process typically needs IT to generate reports to be reviewed by team leaders and managers to ensure the access lists are correct. Usually, they're not so the lists are returned to IT with changes marked up. These lists are coming from all over the business and updates are manual. It's slow and errors are inevitable.

With automation, the team leads can get a live view of the members of their groups and they can even update the lists immediately. No manual work needed so mistakes are avoided and a full audit trail is maintained.

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