Automation for Cybersecurity Professionals

In Automation, security shouldn't be an after thought

Automating Cybersecurity Operations

Reviewing and updating firewall configurations. Ensuring admin rights are only granted where and when necessary. Remediating systems fast after a breach. How much effort do these everyday cybersecurity tasks take you? How fast can you roll out security changes? How do you ensure changes are made securely?

Osirium Automation, built on the Privileged Process Automation (PPA) platform, is a framework for securely automating security, IT and business processes. It ensures changes are made reliably, without exposing any credentials and with full audit trails.

Automated workflows can be triggered by users or integrated into your existing service management tool or corporate portal.

Ensure Cyber Security with Automation

Protect Admin Credentials

At the heart of every IT process is administrator access to IT systems and devices. The credentials used by those connections are highly prized targets for attackers as they can cause the maximum damage.

When the process is securely automated, those credentials are never stored in the automation server and never available to the end user (or any malware that may be installed on their device). Automation delivers hugely enhanced security for credentials.

Ensure Processes are Followed

Automation not only protects credentials but what is done with them. As the task is coded in an automated playbook, the user can't do anything they shouldn't, the business can be sure all processes are correctly followed, and there's an end-to-end audit trail even if the task involves updating multiple systems.

Implement Security Changes Fast

Keep security systems configuration up to date

Most security tools need constant monitoring and management to ensure they're providing the required levels of security.

That could range from ensuring users accounts in Active Directory only have access to the minimum number of systems they need through to ensuring firewall rules are properly configured.

With Automation, common tasks such as updating user accounts (e.g. disabling access when a team member changes roles or leaves the organisation) or updating device settings, the changes can be quickly and accurately every time.

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