Protect privileged applications

Allow admins to access just the privileged apps they need

Most admin operations don't need access to the full server, so they should only be able to run the tools they need. That's what's known as the "Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)". There may also be situations where older, "legacy" applications are needed but can't, or shouldn't, be installed on Admin's workstations.

With the Osirium PAM Managed Application Protocol (MAP) Server, both requirements are met by using MAP as a secure gateway to access just the tools, and versions, needed by the Admins.

Key Benefits of Managed Application Access

Safely Access "Legacy" Applications

Legacy applications all have dependencies, be it their own Dynamic Link Library (DLL)’s, or versions of .NET and Java. Furthermore, it can be tricky or even impossible to have multiple versions of some management tools concurrently installed. Traditional approaches of using dedicated "jump box" servers shared by multiple users are resource intensive and a security risk.

MAP Server becomes a gateway to those applications only providing remote access to those applications for the users that have approved access. It's been described as a "jump box on steroids!"

Seamless Integration

The remote applications are presented on the user's desktop, in their browser. They can work with those applications just as if they were installed locally and quickly switch between remote and local applications.

Secure Environment

The application runs in a secure environment, so it will always be the approved version and configuration. Access to those applications is controlled by the Profiles defined for the users and applications - for example, only the DB Admins access the SQL Server tools, only the website managers access the WordPress environment. All sessions can be recorded as a further level of security to record all activity with the privileged application.

Reduce Compatibility and Dependency Issues

Often, admins need access to different versions of management tools or utilities which are difficult to manage when each version has different (and, often, incompatible) dependencies. With remote access to all the required versions of the tools, there's no need to ensure the user's desktop has all the necessary supporting libraries for each legacy application.

Separate People from Passwords

Fundamental to Privileged Access Management (PAM) is managing those privileged account credentials. With Osirium MAP Server, the admin credentials are automatically injected in to the mapped application and never revealed to the user.

Increase Security and Control

With MAP Server, IT now has control over who has access to which applications and the credentials that are used. They also know who has been using which systems and what they've been doing.

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