The automation solution that gets IT work done.

What is Osirium Automation?

Osirium Automation is a unique solution for automating IT and business processes that traditionally require expert skills.

Our flexible IT automation solution is built on the open, secure Privileged Process Automation (PPA) framework to automate workflows across systems via API, REST, SSH, or command lines.

By simplifying the process of secure IT automation, the complexity and need for specialist technical knowledge is hidden. Your systems and processes can now be securely delegated and accelerated.

With Osirium, IT automation is faster, cheaper, and more secure.

Some example applications of Osirium Automation

Automate user account management

  • Provision and de-provision user accounts
  • Reset user accounts
  • Delegate tasks to front-line help desk engineers

Manage cloud and on-premise services, devices and data

  • Manage AWS security zones
  • Launch/pause/stop cloud instances or virtual machines
  • Provide usage and billing data for Finance

Automate DevOps

  • Enable DevOps teams to provision dev, test or staging environments
  • Launch/stop virtual machines
  • Run Ansible playbooks

Automation across IT, SecOps, DevOps and Governance


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