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Privileged Access Security

The Osirium solution to protect IT assets and accelerate operations

Privileged Access Security (PAS) protects access to your most valuable shared applications, services and devices.

PAS looks beyond traditional “Privileged Access Management (PAM)” which protects and manages administrator or supervisor accounts. For the modern enterprise, PAS builds on this governance to streamline administrator workloads, securely automate business and IT processes, and removes risky local administrator accounts from endpoints.

Looking beyond purely defensive security, PAS is an enabler for digital transformation and business innovation.

PAS includes Privileged Access Management (PAM), Privileged Process Automation (PPA) and Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM)

Privileged Access Management

  • Separate users from admin passwords and never allow credentials on the network
  • Remove the risk of credential abuse
  • Secure working with third-parties
  • Prove compliance

Privileged Process Automation

  • Reduce the load on IT Operations teams.
  • Protected valuable admin credentials
  • Remove the risk and cost of manual errors
  • Improve customer service & business productivity

Privileged Endpoint Management

  • Remove local admin rights
  • Remove the risk of attack and lateral movement
  • Empower users
  • Enforce corporate security policies

Complimentary Gartner Report: Four Pillars for PAM Success

There are four key pillars to a successful PAM project. Read this complimentary Gartner report to learn how to make the most of PAM.

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PAM  Gartner Report

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