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Securely automate key processes

Privileged Process Automation

Do it faster and cheaper. Automate cross-system processes to improve IT operations, improve cybersecurity and demonstrate compliance.

What is Privileged Process Automation (PPA)?

IT teams constantly face a flood of demands from users across the business to transform the effectiveness of their processes. Faster operations. Improved DevOps. Rigorous compliance. And all of these without compromising security.

PPA is the secure flexible framework for automating IT and business processes at the heart of Osirium Automation. New workflows are easily built with PPA's low-code Task Builder.

PPA’s simple interface allows users to guide a process that behind the scenes is performing complex, highly privileged actions across multiple systems. PPA can be integrated with existing service management systems or corporate portal via APIs.
By hiding the complexity and specialist technical knowledge, this process can now be securely delegated and accelerated. Faster. Cheaper. More secure.

Business benefits

Reduce risk

  • Keep admin passwords off the network
  • Prevent credential sharing
  • Protect your vital IT and security systems

Reduce overheads

  • Automate privileged processes to release valuable admin resources
  • Accelerate IT changes
  • Reduce errors & rework

Enforce governance

  • Audit cross-system changes
  • Enforce corporate policies
  • Easily prove compliance with automated re-verification
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