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Privileged Process Automation

Automate cross-system processes to reduce IT backlogs, enhance end-user satisfaction and improve cybersecurity

What is Privileged Process Automation (PPA)?

IT Operations teams constantly face a flood of demands from users across the business. PPA is a framework for automating IT and business processes traditionally requiring expert skills. PPA’s simple interface allows users to guide a process that behind the scenes is performing complex, highly privileged actions across multiple systems. By hiding the complexity and specialist technical knowledge, this process can now be securely delegated and accelerated.

Common challenges facing IT Administrators

IT can't keep up with demand

IT help desks are overloaded. IT Operations teams can't keep up with the constant flow of requests for everyday help as well as strategic investments. It's no wonder KPIs such as first-time resolutions, time to resolution and customer satisfaction are missed, end-users are dissatisfied and staff morale suffers.

Traditional automation is not secure

Admins are creative at automating repetitive tasks but often scripts have have limited visibility, have poor audit trails and may even include hard-coded administrator credentials. Even more modern tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) aren't a good solution because of its inflexibility.

End-users demand more control

End-users have become dissatisfied with IT support. They expect consumer-level service from their business IT organisation. If they don't get it, they may bypass IT completely to get changes made fast. That opens up new security challenges and can cause even more work for the IT team.

The solution is automation

Delegate admin tasks

With PPA, IT Admins can safely enable first-line help desk agents to perform tasks that traditionally needed experienced administrators. This is possible because credentials are never exposed and the agent can only perform the tasks they've been assigned. Full audit trails ensure any changes are logged across all the affected systems.

Empower end-users

With a human-friendly, conversational interface even non-technical staff can perform tasks that used to need one or more administrators. For example, the HR team could create online accounts for a new hire or the Finance team could access cloud service billing details.

Enforce easy audit trails

With complex, cross-system processes, investigating any issues or proving legal or corporate compliance is difficult and time-consuming. PPA provides a single-point of control and visibility to record all operations. It also integrates with service desk tools to provide "round-trip" record of changes made to address a service ticket.

Business benefits

Reduce overheads

  • Automate privileged processes
  • Accelerate IT changes
  • Reduce errors

Reduce risk

  • Keep admin passwords off the network
  • Prevent credential sharing
  • Protect your vital IT and security systems

Enforce governance

  • Audit cross-system changes
  • Enforce corporate policies
  • Prevent unauthorised access to IT systems

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An overview of Privileged Process Automation

Read this short whitepaper to see how PPA can transform your IT Operations.

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