Privileged Access Security for Higher Education

The Higher Education sector has some unique challenges: complex infrastructure, multiple locations, and large numbers of students, faculty members, suppliers. and partners that change daily. They all need access to shared infrastructure to do their work, and that's hard to manage safely.

When there's so much personal data, financial information, and intellectual property at stake, it's critical that IT infrastructure, data, services and applications have high levels of control and audit trails, should a breach occur.It's worrying to discover just how vulnerable Higher Education establishments can be. In 2019, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) found they could collect "high value" data within just 2 hours.With IT teams being overstretched, there will be an increase of risky shortcuts and poor service levels. Reducing the workload with automation is the key to success.
It's critical that educational institutions prioritise cybersecurity, however deploying complex stacks of security tools is worthless unless access and management of tools is protected.
That's why Privileged Access Security must be the key foundation to your cybersecurity strategy.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

  • Protect faculty and student personal data.
  • Prevent shared services and applications from attack, securely manage network and server architecture
  • Protect against privileged account credential theft and misuse by external agencies, partners, internal staff or students.


  • Reduce the load on the service desk by automating processes such as account creation or reset.
  • Empower faculty members, staff and students to perform routine operations, thus freeing up the IT help desk.

Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM)

  • Remove local admin accounts to reduce risk while ensuring everyone can still run the apps they need without calling the IT help desk.

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