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Board Of Directors

Responsibilities of the board of directors and its committees

The Board comprises five directors, two of whom are executive directors and three of whom are non-executive directors, reflecting a blend of different experience and backgrounds. The Board considers Simon Lee, Simon Hember and Steve Purdham to be independent Non-Executive Directors under the criteria identified in the UK Corporate Governance Code (September 2014).

The Board meets regularly and is responsible for strategy, performance, approval of any major capital expenditure and the framework of internal controls. To enable the Board to discharge its duties, all directors receive appropriate and timely information. Briefing papers are distributed to all directors in advance of Board meetings. The Board has established audit and remuneration committees with formally delegated duties and responsibilities and with written terms of reference. Each of these committees meet regularly and at least twice a year. From time to time separate committees may be set up by the Board to consider specific issues when the need arises. Further details on the audit and remuneration committees are set out below.