What Osirium does

Osirium protects Privileged Accounts in the Hybrid-Cloud world by ensuring the right people get Least Privileged Access to the right devices and at the right time. We Automate and Delegate Tasks to reduce costs and Record Sessions for compliance and accountability.

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We're better because...

  • Our management interface has best in class usability, we're much faster to deploy.
  • No jump-boxes, our privileged users can use their tools on their systems - they'll be faster and more effective.
  • No passwords ever reach the desktop.
  • No agents on the managed systems - no maintenance required.
  • Big Scale, Big Throughput, just one VM.

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Privileged User Management Protect your Privileged Accounts

Uncontrolled Privileged User activities have the potential to wreak havoc across your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, and with privileged insiders and outsiders becoming inter-changeable, Osirium protects vulnerable privileged accounts to minimize business risks and maintain compliance.

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Privileged Task Automation No more waiting for the hourglass.

Osirium transforms IT infrastructure management through automation so that complex, time-consuming and volume-based tasks can be securely and error-free by 3rd party service providers or more junior help-desk staff.

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Privileged Session Management Record all SysAdmin activities

Osirium's Privileged Session Management enables Security and Compliance Managers to record, store and playback any privileged activities across hybrid-cloud infrastructures, ensuring full accountability to meet compliance but also acting as a unique deterrent against malpractice with irrefutable evidence of privileged activities.

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Third Party Access Protection Outsource your IT Services, not your Trust and Security

The misuse of privilege in the hybrid-cloud world has become one of the most critical security challenges, because uncontrolled access to Privileged Accounts opens a “barn door” through which untrusted 3rd parties can compromise data and inflict cyber-attacks, ultimately causing irreparable damage to the business and its corporate reputation.

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Secure Credential Separation Arrive with identity, leave with a role

Osirium identifies and authenticates the user and then uses a separate authentication to the device or system before handing the connection back to the user.